Faster, stronger, more secure than hand-tying in minimally invasive cardiac procedures.

Our revolutionary COR-KNOT® DEVICE is faster than hand-tying and offers strength, security and reliability in cardiac valve replacement and repair.

Indications for Use

The COR-KNOT® MIS DEVICE and COR-KNOT MINI® DEVICE are indicated for use in the approximation of soft tissue and prosthetic materials, used in conjunction with either A) LSI SOLUTIONS® specified 2-0 Polyester or 2-0 Polypropylene suture and a COR-KNOT® QUICK LOAD® UNIT, or B) 2-0 Polyester, 2-0 Polypropylene, or 3-0 Polypropylene suture and an INTRA-KNOT™ QUICK LOAD® UNIT.

Features & Benefits