OMNIFinger™ Articulating Endoscopic Scissors

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Articulating Endoscopic Scissors

Disposable Instruments 5mm

Our complete range of lightweight disposable mono-polar laparoscopic instruments designed to fulfill all the crucial requirements of endo-surgens is now put on the market. The full range includes graspers, scissors and dissectors.
Now we also offer bariatric endoscopic instruments!

Limited-use instruments

Apart from the disposable instruments we offer the same range of the limited-use™ products. They come in the same rich range and are aimed at meeting the requirements of all endoscopic surgeons. The full range of graspers, scissors and dissectors is available.

3mm disposable laparoscopic instruments

Our range of lightweight, disposable, mono-polar 3mm laparoscopic instruments is our newest product on the market and consists of Maryland dissector, atraumatic fenestrated grasper (with ratchet) and Metzenbaum (curved) scissors.

Reusable laparoscopic instruments

Long-lasting performance. Grena offers an extensive selection of reusable detachable monopolar laparoscopic instruments available as well as in standard and bariatric lengths.

Laparoscopic Instruments – ending types

Variety of jaw patterns of reusable inserts of scissors, graspers and dissectors makes the most complicated minimally invasive procedures possible. These include such specialities like General, Bariatric, Colorectal, Urological and Gynaecological surgery.