T-LAB, PRP Kit Manufacturer has developed the Turkey’s first CE Class IIb certificated real PRP Kit.
T-LAB PRP Kit is not a blood storage tube or blood separation kit. It is certified as a PRP Kit.

Safe, Innovative, Advanced and Quality

During the R&D period of T-LAB PRP Kit, we, T-LAB as a PRP Manufacturer have examined the structures of all other PRP products and we have consulted to our medical doctors. Due to lack of knowledge and constitution of the other products, we have developed safe, effective, injectable, re-suspension featured and quality product along with our doctors’ qualified experiences.

Not just a Tube, but a real PRP Kit

As a PRP Kit Manufacturer, we are not talking about an IVD Tube, or imported products and packed in bags or boxes. We are talking about our tubes developed for the purpose of PRP applications along with other supportive equipments for safe, sterile and effective applications.

Higher Concentration

T-LAB PRP Kit is Manufactured in order to provide you the safe and effective results featured with a re-suspension mechanism in order to achieve the homogenization of platelets in the plasma milieu. Due to correct centrifugation ratio intended by the manufacturer, the concentration of platelets can go up to 1.7 million/microliter. The tubes do not include gel or medicinal product which leads to no risk of allergies. T-LAB PRP Kit is certified with CE Class IIb and it can be used safe and effective from Plastic Surgery to Orthopedics and also oral and maxillofacial surgery applications.

Low Price, High Quality

You just feel the quality when you see the T-LAB PRP Kit. This product is prepared and equipped by every detail and manufactured for your safe and effective usage and certified by domestic and international quality certifications. For pricing info, do not hesitate to contact us.