APEX Degenerative Spine System includes Dual Core and Double Lead Thread Screws, offering fast and controlled screw insertion with outstanding pullout resistance.​
Low profile with very compact implant volume
​​High strength characteristics for lumbosacral loading

Wide range of sizes to accommodate patient anatomy

Reduction Polyaxial Screws are available in variety of sizes.

Constant core diameter with self-centering feature.

Dual-core, double-lead bone thread

Threaded T20 drive recess

Proprietary square thread of the screw head

​Low-profile screw head

Up to 45° of angulation

Optimized reduction screw design

​Rod reduction features are located at the top of the screw head
​Wide range of sizes to accommodate patient anatomy
Allow for maximum bone graft volume for superior fusion

Provide optimum management solution for different low-back pathologies

Very versatile

Adapted for management of spondylolisthesis.

Optimal screw positioning and improved safety.

Designed to securely anchor the screw Implants in both the cortical and cancellous bony anatomy.
​Designed to deliver torque securely under high load applications.

Provides a low-profile connection for instrumentation with exceptional mechanical stability.

Minimizes the Implant height above the bony anatomy.

Easier alignment and lower stress forces on the pedicle.

Designed to withstand reduction, sagittal & coronal alignment and derotation maneuvers.

Allows easy and efficient instruments interface.

Very versatile