AIM Minimally Invasive System features broad selection of screw/rod delivery instruments and implants designed to treat degenerative and deformity pathologies of the thoracic and lumbar spine. This flexible, straight-forward, minimally invasive system is designed to ensure reliable and reproducible clinical results.
Features:Compatible with APEX Cannulated Implants: Ø4.75mm, Ø5.50mm, Ø6.25mm and Ø7.00mm.

MIS Tubes are only Ø15mm.

Extremely strong fixation of the implant head.​
​Every step and instrument works with the MIS Tube.

​2 K-wire materials: stainless steel or nitinol.

Benefits:Integrates the benefits of both the APEX and AIM Systems.

No other instruments fit around it in the tissues, making it one of the smallest MIS devices on the market.​

Secure connection for all maneuvers.

Procedure can be done almost blindly once the screw is in place in the pedicle.
​Stainless steel is sturdier but can deform, nitinol is super-elastic.