We are working with a number of prestigious manufacturers of medical equipment. Here are some of these.

Tedan Surgical Innovations
TeDan Surgical Innovations, LLC (TSI) was founded in 2006 with the goal to innovate and address evolving surgical techniques in spine surgery. Providing innovative, high-quality surgical access systems designed to optimize exposure and improve the surgeon experience.
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Wexler Surgical
Wexler Surgical specializes in titanium and stainless steel surgical clamps, forceps, needle holders, scissors, retractors, diamond knives, dilators, speculums, cannulas, hooks, choppers, spatulas, VATS and MICS instruments, as well as single use and instrument care products.
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LSI Solutions
LSI SOLUTIONS® founded in 1986 with a passion to focus on patient outcomes. What once started with a focus on laser tissue welding has evolved into a world renowned company dedicated to advancing minimally invasive therapeutics through research, development, manufacturing and marketing of proprietary products.
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Surge Cardiovascular

Wexler Surgical is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality specialty surgical instrumentation for use in cardiac, thoracic, vascular, micro, neuro and ophthalmic surgery. Wexler guarantees that all of our products have been manufactured by skilled instrument craftsmen, using only quality materials.
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Peters Surgical
Peters Surgical is a European company that designs, manufactures and distributes speciality surgical medical devices focused to address the Cardiovascular, Digestive and Uro-Gynecology therapeutic needs.
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Med Europe s.r.l.
MED EUROPE is a young and dynamic company recently formed with Italian and International investments. MED EUROPE’s mission is to design, manufacture and provide technologically advanced disposable hospital products.
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SIM Italia

MED EUROPE S.r.l. have been manufacturing products for SIM Italia for more than 20 years, offering an ever wide ranging number of medical devices, O.R. disposables and durable medical equipment. The manufacturing facilities are composed of a series of clean rooms and special production.
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The patented CardiaMed valve is the next step in the evolution of heart valve replacements. It builds on the advantages of previous designs whilst avoiding their disadvantages. Rotating heart valves with freely 360° rotating leaflets Easy to implant is one of their main products.

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Terumo Aortic

Terumo Aortic is a global medical device company dedicated to developing solutions for aortic and peripheral vascular disease. Our complete portfolio includes the treatment for thoracic, abdominal and peripheral aneurysms, acute and chronic dissections, and peripheral occlusions
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Sterna Safe
SternaSafe is an active sternum support band made from comfortable, soft, anti-bacterial and breathing materials developed for every patient men and woman after open heart surgery. SternaBra is a post-operative medical bra used for maximum wound support after heart surgery.
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UNI Surge
UNI Surge are a leading manufacturer and supplier of practitioner-specified procedure packs (CPT), dressing packs, medical disposable and theatre products including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to healthcare professionals. Unisurge are proudly supporting the NHS.
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Spince Craft
SpineCraft is privately-held US medical device company offering a wide range of products for addressing spine deformities & complex spine problems, minimally insave spine surgery, cervical & thoracolumbar degenerative conditions, non-fusion applications and orthobiologics & bone substitutes.
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Norm Medical Spinal & Trauma
Norm Company was established in Ankara in 2006. NORM, with a scientific and technological infrastructure and human resources in terms of approved international standards, besides a strong and high production capacity, is one of the leading manufacturer Companies in the Turkish Medical Industry. NORM exports spinal, trauma implants and surgical instruments to the world market.
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Grena Ltd
Grena LTD is an innovative manufacturer of disposable medical devices. Our focus is on patients’ safety and users’ comfort we offer cost-effective quality products. Maintaining our certified quality management system based on EN ISO13485:2016 that helps to serve our clients better. We are proud to have TÜV Rheinland, Germany as our Notified Body.

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Bionette is a revolutionary medical device which delivers relief from pet allergies, Hay Fever and Allergic Rhinitis symptoms.
Using low-level narrow band red light technology this anti-inflammatory, intra-nasal medical device effectively relieves allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching, runny or stuffed nose, headache and teary eyes.
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Citra Lock
Citra-Lock is a pure citrate lock solution and the best alternative for heparin catheter lock. Improves catheter patency as in many published clinical trials. Citra-Lock is a pure citrate lock solution and the best alternative for heparin catheter lock. Improves catheter patency as in many published cilinical trials. The effective way to lock every central catheter! Anti-Biofilm, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Coagulant.
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Istem Medikal
Istem Medikal is the leading urological medical device manufacturer in Turkey
Istem Medikal, serving the healthcare industry since 1995 as the pioneer and the leading manufacturer and distributor of urological medical equipment and disposable products.
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Micro Med
MiroMed Pfleiderer GmbH moved to the new office and warehouse space at Frankfurt’s harbor. The central location and quick access from the highways in all directions were the decisive factor for the choice of location. From Frankfurt we supply all over globe.
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T-LAB, PRP Kit Manufacturer
Established as T-Biotechnology Laboratory Aesthetics and Co in 2012. T-LAB’s main activity is regenerative medicine. T-LAB’s personnel is qualified and experienced in the sector for many years also working as partners with the quality companies.
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