Aston-Med is an international medical device group of companies with presence in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa through sister companies, associates and affiliates. Aston-Med is present in more than 35 countries globally. We are committed to develop, distribute and market world class innovative products which improve quality of life.

Our vision is to bring special, innovative and cost effective medical and consumer care products to UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and African markets and serve our partners, associates, affiliates and customers in B2B and B2C environment.

Aston-Med is committed to develop world class medical devices in Urology and Gynaecology, Cardiology ad Cardiac Surgery, Spine and Neuro Surgery, Vascular and Thoracic Surgery,  General and Laparoscopic Surgery, Ophthalmic, dental, Aesthetic, Anaesthetic and consumer care markets.

Our mission

Aston-Med’s mission is to bring, market, promote and distribute ethical, innovative and cost effect medical devices to their partners and to the end users which improves quality of life and provides healthcare solutions. We support our partners, associates  and healthcare providers to offer best possible care for the patients and this contributes towards the success of our clients, employees and shareholders.