Reliable, effective prosthetic suture placement with no exposed needles.

The SEW-EASY® DEVICE is a dual needle device that provides reliable, effective prosthetic suture placement through the sewing cuff with no exposed sharps.

SEW-EASY® 3.5 available in 3.5mm suture spacing and SEW-EASY® 5.0 available in 5mm suture spacing.

Indications for Use

The SEW-EASY® DEVICE, used in conjunction with RAM® COR-SUTURE ® QUICK LOAD® Surgical Suture and RAM® Suturing Device, is indicated for use in the approximation of soft tissue and prosthetic materials.

Features & Benefits

The SEW-EASY® DEVICE has several key features and benefits that distinguish it as the leading prosthetic suture placement device.

Device Anatomy


The SEW-EASY® DEVICE is an automated dual needle prosthetic suturing device which places a 3.5mm or a 5mm wide horizontal mattress suture in one squeeze.