4SEAL® Hemostatic Powder is ready to use, a plantbased, ultra-hydrophilic polysaccharide that effectively and quickly stops bleeding.

Rapid hemostasis at hand

4SEAL® Hemostatic Powder also may be used for postoperative adhesion prevention. The product rapidly absorbs water from the blood. The dehydration process increases the concentration of red blood cells, platelets, and coagulation proteins at the bleeding site and thus accelerates the natural blood clotting process.

4SEAL® Hemostatic Powder is available in 1g, 3g, and 5g in comprehensive bellow bottles with an applicator, which are delivered to the sterile filed in a double barrier.

4SEAL® Hemostatic Powder contains no animal nor human components and is resorbed in the body within a few days.

Key features:

  • Biocompatible, ultra-hydrophilic, pure plantbased technology
  • Extremely quick and effective in bleeding control
  • Easy to use and precise application
  • Easy to store
  • Ready to use instantly
  • Long shelf life

Clinical applications

4SEAL® Hemostatic Powder is intended for use in surgical procedures or injuries as an adjunct hemostat when control of bleeding from capillary venous, or arteriolar vessel by pressure, ligature and other conventional means is either ineffective or impractical. 4SEAL® Hemostatic Powder can be successfully used in many surgical specialties.