Cardiovascular Accessories

Cardiac Insulation Pads

  • Designed to isolate the pericardial cavity from the ice used to cool the myocardium
  • Closed cell foam design with pull-out tabs for removal
  • Available in adult and pediatric sizes and with perforated cannulae slots (PNP)

Coronary Artery Retraction Clips

  • Consists of a single piece of stainless-steel wire formed into a uniquely shaped spring
  • Soft, polymer coating provides improved grip with gloved hands

Tourniquet Kits

  • Secures cannulae during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
  • Comprised of stainless-steel wire snare and color-coded tourniquet tubing
  • Available inboth pediatric and adult sizes

Suture Guides

  • Quickly organizes and secures sutures during heart valve surgery
  • 5 or 8 2-slot securement positions, numbered A & B, to help prevent suture entanglement
  • EZ Peel adhesive backing removes easily even while gloved and quickly adheres to surgical drape

Tubing Organizers

  • Secures and organizes flexible tubing of various sizes in the sterile field
  • Maintains neatness and helps eliminate tubing kinking and tangling, available with and without clips

Myocardial Temperature Probes

  • Enables critical heart temperature monitoring during open-heart surgery
  • Temperature accuracy of +/-0.2 celsius (at 025 celsius) and a range of 0-70 degrees celsius (normal clinical range of 10-40 degrees celsius)
  • YSI 400 series compatible with 0.25 inch diameter plug and 12 foot flexible wire