Click’aV Plus™ polymer ligating clips

2nd generation Polymer Clips with “ABS”, the Click’aV Plus™ polymer ligating clips are implantable medical devices made of an advanced polymer to ensure a high level of biocompatibility along with the structural and dimensional stability over time, necessary for long-lasting patient safety.
The inner surface of the legs of the Click’aV Plus™ polymer ligating clip has staggered opposed teeth arrangement inclined towards the gripped tissue.

Click’aV® polymer ligating clips

Click’aV® Ligating Clips are implantable medical devices made of an advanced polymer to ensure high level of biocompatibility together with structural and dimensional stability over time which is essential for long-lasting patient safety.

Click’aV® universal endoscopic clip appliers

Listening to the surgeons’ suggestions, we designed a universal clip applier (patent pending) that can be used with Click’aV® polymer ligating clips in both L and XL sizes.

Ligating Clips Appliers with H•E•R•O™ Pressure Control System

For more security we equipped our laparoscopic appliers with a breakthrough safety system – H•E•R•O™. H•E•R•O™ system prevents from too much force to be transferred to the applier jaws protecting the tissues as well as the device.

OMNIFinger™ Articulating Endoscopic Clip Appliers

OMNIFinger™ – Challenging ligations are a thing of the past.
Easy access and excellent visibility
Articulating Endoscopic Clip Appliers

Click’aV® standard endoscopic clip appliers

We offer a full range of appliers in 4 different sizes and 6 different types (bariatric, angled, angled bariatric).
The standard Endoscopic Clip Appliers prove to be an ergonomic and effective approach in endoscopic procedures.

Click’aV® M-size appliers

The Click’aV® endoscopic clip appliers in size M are a unique solution for more possibilites.
They prove very useful in urologic procedures and give surgeons a device to work on small tissue size.

Click’aV® 20° angled appliers

Click’aV® Endoscopic Polymer Clip Appliers 20° have angled jaws for better access in difficult anatomical conditions.
Designed to be used in the most challenging cases.

Click’aV® Detachable Laparoscopic Clip Appliers

For the convenience of the users of our products we designed a new clip applier with unique abilities. Now you can detache the insert and mount a different one. The new solution for greater versatility and cost saving is here!

Click’aV® Bariatric appliers

The Click’aV® Bariatric Appliers are Endoscopic Polymer Clip Appliers with extra shaft length for bariatric surgery.
The 45 cm long shaft allows surgeons to preform even the most challenging bariatric surgeries.

Click’aV® Gonzalez Rivas 45° appliers

Click’aV® Endoscopic Polymer Clip Appliers: Gonzalez Rivas 45°
Outstanding and complete VATS solution.
Facilitates clip application in the most challenging VATS surgery, especially in single access procedures.

Click’aV® open surgery appliers

Click’aV® Open Surgery Clip Appliers for an ergonomic and easy approach in open surgery procedures.

Click’aV® clip remover

Click’aV® clip removers offer safe un-click of ligating clips at your fingertips.
Compatible with corresponding sizes of Click’aV® clips.