OsteoPore Gen-II DBM
Demineralized Bone Matrix

OsteoPore Gen-II DBM Putty contains growth factors that promote bone regeneration and protein substances that promote osteoconduction and osteoinduction. It helps form normal healthy bone by stimulating mesenchymal cell proliferation. Mesenchymal cells then differentiate into osteoblasts which aid in bone growth.

OsteoPore Gen-II DBM Putty is highly malleable and can be easily inserted between bony structures.
OsteoPore Gen-II DBM contains the full complex of bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs)

Each lot of OsteoPore Gen-II DBM is tested for osteoinductivity in a quantitative in vitro assay
​Cancellous bone supplies osteoconductive scaffold

OsteoPore Gen-II DBM is highly malleable at room temperature
​OsteoPore Gen-II DBM resists irrigation and thickens at body temperature
Provides the osteoinductive signal to form new bone

Optimum ability to stimulate new bone formation

Facilitates the attachment of osteogenic precursor cells

Can easily be packed and molded into any defect

​Superior containment at the surgical site